Seal Hunt: An Observer Testifies

                                                                                                                                            Crédit photo: Natalie M. For decades, the Canadian government, the hunters, and the fur industry have assured us that the commercial seal hunt went on without violence or cruelty. However, many observers having witnessed the horrors of this biggest slaughter of marine mammals in the world tell a different story. They return very upset and with a strong conviction to end the commercial hunt. … Continuer de lire Seal Hunt: An Observer Testifies

Commercial Seal Hunt: « Threatened The Sealers File A Complaint

« We recognise that the essential principal guiding the animal rights movement is non-violence » (Gary L. Francione, Lawyer, Rights Professor & Activist) The media has focused a lot, these last few days on a judicial pursuit that the sealers want to make against certain people who oppose the commercial seal hunt. For Mr. Leonce Arseneau, their public speaker cited in the Journal de Montreal & of Quebec, … Continuer de lire Commercial Seal Hunt: « Threatened The Sealers File A Complaint

Hitler, un végétarien?

Le mythe du végétarisme d’Hitler resurgit toujours lorsqu’on ose avancer que notre monde serait moins violent et plus compatissant si les animaux n’étaient pas massacrés dans la violence des abattoirs. Que le respect de la vie et la non-violence ne peuvent s’accomplir lorsque nous sommes complices de la souffrance d’un être vivant et sensible. D’où vient ce canular qu’Hitler était végétarien, pourquoi certaines personnes s’en … Continuer de lire Hitler, un végétarien?